15 Dutch rootstock growers have joined forces to develop a resilient and future-proof fruit rootstock. Under the name Fruittree Rootstocks Holland BV.

More than 40 million rootstocks are produced annually in the Netherlands alone. A large part of the worldwide production therefore comes from the Netherlands!

Fruittree Rootstocks Holland is looking for international cooperation with breeding and research institutes. In order to be of added value for this important sector.


Replant disease

Apple Replant disease (ARD) is a major problem for fruit growers and fruit tree growers. Apple replant disease occurs when apple trees are planted on fields where apple trees have previously grown. The problem is larger when the new plantings have the same rootstock.


Tolerant rootstock

Fruittree Rootstocks Holland BV selects existing rootstocks and seedlings from various crosses for replant disease tolerance.

15 growers


Fruittree Rootstocks Holland BV is looking for cooperation with international breeding and research institutes. We think that international cooperation will lead to a resilient and future proof rootstock. Which can be introduced on the international market.